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We believe in making a difference. We have made the choice of making things differently and to think bigger. Anna & Deià is a brand with passion, heart and soul that strives to make people happy and to make the world even more beautiful. We are a small company with great ambitions and we are committed to change the world. Besides making people happy with our products we are also committed to donate a part of our turnover to charity. To donate a part of our turnover and not only a part of our profit means that we will donate as long as we are selling our products, regardless if we are making a profit or not, just as we have done since we founded our brand. We see it as a mandatory part of managing a business that wants to make a difference. By donating 1% of our turnover we are joining other pioneering companies all over the world in making an impact. Imagine what we can do together!

We are committed. Are you? Join us in our pursuit to change the world for the better.

Because happy people are the prettiest!


We are spreading happiness but we are not alone. Currently we are expanding our network of wonderful retailers that shares our values and ambitions. We are just in the beginning of our journey and will update the retailer list continuously.

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